CATHERINE DUNNE – Tutto per amore


Tutto per amore

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When Julia Seymour goes missing without warning one ordinary October morning, William Harris is catapulted into a life he’s never imagined. As he pieces together Julia’s movements in the week of her disappearance, William begins to learn that the woman he loves has a past and a secret that she has never shared. At first, he feels bewildered, guilty: has he failed her in some way? And so he embarks on a mission to find her and bring her home. He tracks down Julia’s friends and colleagues, deals with her distraught and hostile daughter Melissa, and follows up on every lead, no matter how tenuous. As he begins to search for the missing Julia, William begins a journey of his own: one that will have profound implications for his future. He learns lessons about life, about love and about what drives people to seek for peace and forgiveness.
ISBN: 9788850260379